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Unfortunately despite the demographics, the 40-60 (not so 'wrinklie' these days) age group does not seem to be greatly taken into account when it comes to the presentation of Music in much of the media. It seems that the majority of music programming is still aimed at a much younger listener or viewer.

As far as the music from the 60's and 70's, this large back catalogue has been made more available through the Internet and as your article mentions through Vinyl-CD re-issues. This has partly inspired the retro-scene which is definitely an under-current amongst the new younger bands coming up.

I personally believe that the Music Industry could take positive steps to generate this interest in music by opening up the back catalogue to the public. To retell the 'storyline' of modern popular music. To make available some of the more obscure names that never received the acclaim at the time of release.

Then instead of the very negative press, that does nothing for the Music Industry, we could see more informative articles and have perhaps increased access to Music that was missed the first time around.

I hope there are plans to look at this issue again and update Jonathon Prynn's excellent article.

As for myself, I am a 40+ Musician and currently developing an Independent Website for new Music talent in London and the South East.

Bran. Posted August 08 onThis is

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