Tuesday, October 14

The 100 Club on Projects

There are already thousands or even millions of music websites.
So why is another one needed?
I have asked myself that a hundred times.
It goes against the trend. Many music sites are closing down, due to copyright enforcement or lack of funding. Many see running an Indepedent site as a waste of time, when it is free to use many subdomain sites., although there is usually an advertising 'buy-in'.

What can our site do that others can't do?
Well if it can be done it is already being done !

Well how about aim to stay fairly small and compact, which keeps the costs down.
We are not aiming to be massive in terms of content or memberhip. In fact we aim to restrict membership to a maximum of 100 that we will call The Hundred Club. A hundred supporters which is my aim for 2009. So get in quickly because that is not a lot. And the door will close.

We can be a hub, a portal, with minimal site content,using feeds and embedded content. That way we stay lean and mean and can be updated rapidly. We know other sites already use this concept. We aim to be really selective on our feed material to provide Independent Site Feeds.

We will try to fund out of our own pockets for another year, so that we can provide a non-profit NO ADVERTISING, secure and relaxing site built to our supporters requirements.

Apart from that . . . it is all chance. We do not know what the future will bring.

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