Thursday, October 9

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New site Launch Oct 08

With our little new site launch coming up very shortly, we have had lots to do. With anything like this it is about identifying the right people. We are run voluntarily so it takes a while to get things sorted at the moment it is about learning how to get the best out of people and technology.

. . . something to be proud of . . .
Fortunately this is not a hard driven affair and our end aims are not sky high or financially based. We are hoping we can make something worthy of our efforts, somewhere people will be proud to be associated with. And we hope to find new ways of doing things. Providing an enjoyable place for our friends and visitors.

. . . a non-distracting environment . . .
We want to provide a top class experience not necessarily all 'buzzer and bells' - a non distracting environment, relaxing but focused. At the moment it is a very small domain, with a long name. If this experiment works we would like to look at opening another related but commercially viable site which would self finance on-line collaboration projects. By providing secure infrastructures to enable creative connections and exchange.

Right now we need two things and if you are reading this you can help.

  • First and most important we would like you to test drive the new site and give us your honest opinion. We won't mind criticism at all ( except no spam or profanety )

  • Secondly we are looking for small independent musicians, producers starting out, wanting to get out to a wider audience. We will provide a link connection to your other on-line networks. We also provide a Showcase area for new work, as it happens. We also produce visual material for our YouTube Channel. First video went on on September. We are trying to create a network of independent musicians and video producers.

Bearing in mind that we are trying to present clear ideas, to allow our 'people ' to shine out, we have avoided flashy css pimped-up looks. Sometimes they can be stunning, but all too often you become distracted by way too many images. So we aim to be clean lined and straight forward.

We hope to avoid the use of direct advertising on the site, however we will provide reviews with links and related feed links.

We will use tags to help for searching content.
and here is retox with balloons produced by Menchulica for YouTube

Yeah you got it !

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  1. Awesome! I'm going to have to do some studying up on this "tagging" thing. Obviously, it is becoming the standard. Oy, i can be so out of date sometimes :D Jess


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