Sunday, October 26

Final Testing

Why the Delay?
Firstly the months delay from September must be mentioned. The new build was put up in August to allow participants to view, comment and make suggestions on the new build. Unfortunately this provided hackers with the opportunity of getting in through a loophole and vandalizing the new site. So the build was removed and the security issues addressed.

During this second phase a plethora of new ideas were worked on and this Blog has become one of the key parts of the overall strategy. This Blog is linked throught the new build as Site News which is what it will become. We will then only need to put news on the blog here for it to update on the site, self-archive and allow RSS feeds to interested visitors.

We have also introduced a Podcast Feed for the site which will allow an audio & visual outlet for the site. The first tester is already out there just one track at the PODCAST SUBSRIPTION :

Renewed support for Independent Music
A slight change has been our steer directly towards the music as opposed to also attempting multimedia. We believe that the Independent Musician deserves all the support possible through these more 'interesting times' . I have been talking to many musicians from around the globe and the general consensus is there is no money in directly selling music. We are looking at ways of improving this situation with others.

Content Management System
Most of the new build is complete using a Content Management System, which allows rapid changes, without the need to re-write code for individual pages. Also the possibility of allowing you to create and change your own pages. So we will see. We have been testing the security and navigation. We are sticking to a simplified Template system, which we hope will receive your approval.
. . . by the way

Happy Samhain and Happy Halloween

We are hoping to have the site on for Halloween . . . . oooooow . . . . spooky !

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Paddy Crunden

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Music Player from our NETWORK

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