Saturday, November 8

Hooray 209 Radio Success

209RADIO Appeal Success

We ran an earlier appeal blog (aug08) on behalf of 209Radio. As an update we are pleased to tell you all is well. A new sponsor ( has been found and the site can continue to provide it's valuable service. Which is fantastic news for local musicians and the station community. Based in Cambridge, UK. 209Radio broadcasts live on 105fm (within the local area) and on the Internet. It is run by volunteers, provides an important resource for the Local Community and Action Help Groups.

It is also a valuable resource for local Musicians and Music Producers in the area. Enabling local artistes the opportunity of airtime and acoustic sets. It also provides technician and radio learning courses for young people wanting to pursue a career in Music or Radio.

Seeking also Designs for the 209Radio appeal from digital artists.

Links on the 209Radio Logo.

209 Radio produces high-quality radio programming across a broad spectrum of Music, whilst providing a unique platform for Independent Artists. GIVE it a Listen !

URL stream to listen to 209 Radio (cut and paste into iTunes or ipod) Listen in to 209 on your iTunes

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