Wednesday, January 14

Friend our MySpace

We have now joined MYSPACE

So why are we telling you now? Well if you read this and would like to help out - we need friends 'just like everybody else does' . We are hoping to build a small prescence on the social networking site as another way to let people know what we are up to.

So if you are already signed up on MySpace and can spare the few seconds to push the Friend Request button, Please do! We will not send spam or adverts. We will make positive comments and links to your space if you request us to.
So it is up to you.

Events about to unravel in the world will undoubtedly prove that we are right to call for us all to stick together and work in a unified way. If you are thinking you will be okay working on your own without sharing or co-operating - you are very much part of Yesterdays' News.

Go right now to MYSPACE.COM/PROJECTSWEBHOPORG and make a friend.
A massive thank you to all the people who have friended us over the past few weeks.


  1. I'm not sure they will let me back on there.
    I've joined five times and quit three.
    Yeah, it almost looks like I still have two accounts, but, the problem is, I have no idea under what name, e-mail address, or security code they're under. (I signed up before I knew what I was doing, and, no. Tom has been absolutely no help at all)

  2. Hello Boneman back again huh?
    Sorry to hear about your difficulties, understand though there are a lot of problems using the place. And you are right that Tom chap he seems to be a friend to everyone. Anyway you can pop here or one of my other sites to keep touch I will send you an invite.


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