Tuesday, December 9

Sometimes it's hard to be a Blogger

To Subscribers and Readers

Well I want to say a big hello to the few subscribers and the few people who take the time to read these streams of information. If just one person reads it, I would carry on.

So you are appreciated.

I know the majority of the stuff has been about getting the site up and running. So it has not been that breath-taking. But things will begin to change in 2009. We will begin to provide small snippets about things we like and new people coming onto the site.

No 'Bullshit' and Good Taste

When I started writing "Blogmagog" the site was not anything to write home about. So there was quite a bit of 'padding' and things we were trying to do. Since then we have started the big move forward and a few more people have begun to take notice. So we can cut out the bullshit and walk our talk. The main thing we have I believe in abundance is good taste.

We are not heavily laden with unreadable CSS pages. We want our stories and articles to be read and enjoyed. We want people to see our Independent Musicians and follow the links to their sites and enjoy the content we post. We are not looking to create some big mailing database to sell products.


If you read this and would like to write articles about good independent music or videos, Or you run a similar blog and would like to link it here, Leave me a comment. I am looking to involve more people in the site and the blog during 2009.

So thanks for reading . . . . .


  1. well, I tried to subscribe, but it appears there is a small problem ('ack!' was its response, which, considering that it is a computer, is an interesting response)
    That this is a blogger thing, can you go to settings and find where you can have 'followers'? It's almost the same as subscribers, except that their picture is applied to the first page (on the side bar) and after that, avrything is about the same. Anyone can connect to any follower by clicking on their picture and each follower gets a sketch of new posts at their own blog.

    Clever these blog makers, eh?

  2. Mr Boneman
    will check and ensure that the Followers button is there for you and anyone else kind enough to take an interest. Apologies.

    Thank you for your interest, I know you are a great music maker having heard your "Meteor" compostion on Tailcast". Good luck. Have a great Christmas my friend


Thank you for taking time out to make a comment.

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