Thursday, January 8

eJamming On-Line Music

eJamming with Smashmouth @ Intel CES 2008!

A demonstration of the new on-line e-Jamming service. Able to connect musicians in real time jamming and recording sessions. Currently being tested at Alpha Version and nearing it's final release. This adds another way to create music. Over-coming the timing difficulties it allows people from anywhere in the world to record live music. The recordings are in CD quality and have resulted in a number of Album releases. MTV recently signed a license with eJAMMING, so it is going to be a big thing in the near future.

As Bran is one of the Alpha testers for the latest eJamming Version, we know that it works and adds a plethora of possibilities for collaboration and musical connections. So Musicians head over to eJAMMING.COM and find out more.

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