Monday, January 5

The Word Out

First years almost up . . .

And I have had a little time to reflect. . . .
. . . . so what was the first year like of running a website?

First observation is it isn't easy, you need a lot of contacts and expertise to do anything top-end. We are starting at the bottom end: "building and learning". I realized there was a lot to take on board and the goal-posts move all the time.

The good side has been getting in contact with so many great people. I never thought I would enjoy that side of things. But people are great out there. For me it has been a really positive thing. Sometimes I have made mistakes, but people are usually pretty cool about it.

Acheivements, we have managed to stay on-line 24-7 for the year (apart from current rebuild). Our visitor numbers have risen slowly, We have now started to attract new participants to our Networking Site.
We have had good response to our recent youtube and myspace Launches. So all in all a Good Year 2008.

2009 ?

We will get the main site back up and just carry on. I am looking forward to contacting, new people. There are so many talented musicians and creative people out there doing exciting , it really is a most inspiring arena.

For all the subscribers, readers, have a Great 2009, keep watching. If you want me to look at your work . . . seek us out at Myspace or YouTube. Alright there's an invitation !



  1. I love your writings my friend, I really must try to stay up to date! :D Jess

  2. Jess you are ahead of your time . . . I try to keep up to your speed. God Bless a true friend indeed. Bran


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