Saturday, February 7

Thank You !

It is always easy to follow the herd to where the numbers are. It is a brave person who seeks out the unexplored and will help others to acheive a joint goal. That is why I know I have already found true friends who see something in what I have started. And I hope it inspires others to work together to change things.

This is about Music but it is also about more than that. It is through networks like this that the world will change. Even if the Internet suddenly ceased, it has already made a new vision for us. We can sense now a true global humanity, sense the common values which we all share despite belief or geographical distance. Despite language and politics we find the similarities and bonds.

My personal goal is to create with your help a way of using people's talents in an interesting, mutually benefical way. Some of our projects may be just two people sharing some ideas say music and visuals. Others may be more long term and involve the whole network. I would also like to reach out to the other Ning Networks and see if our creative ideas could be of use to other Communities. So many things ahead.

So a big thank you to you. More invites going out soon.

Really want to thank all the Members on our New Network. We opened on 1st January ( a slight hang-over ) and quickly we have collected together great music, a great selection of videos and some really nice photos. But more importantly a bunch of really nice people. Greatly Appreciate all your input - I know you are all busy !

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Below are some of our Members - always interesting and worth a look.

Paddy Crunden

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Music Player from our NETWORK

We will be resolving this for our Network in 2011. In the meantime here's a few tracks of mine . . .