Friday, May 29

I´m a Fish looking for Mascarpone Cheese

Although Menchu calls this an unfinished work, it fits my mood exactly. We are small-fish in an Ocean of big fish. Moreover the predictions are the continuance of the big fishes swallowing more of the other fishes. I need not name any of the recent take-overs. But there are ramifications for the smaller fish.

Spelling it out, the fewer the big fish, the more of a monoculture will exist on the net. We have already seen the effects. The disregard for the smaller players particularly the individual. The sudden upgrades and hence denial to any who can not afford the latest system - where once w3ORG rules of accessibility were carefully adhered to. Now corporate interests come first and we are forced in some cases to bend.

There is also the danger that the two tier bandwidthing of sites or users will slow down sites who are not under the big banner. So that it will totally favour the mainstream. Which goes against the original ethos of equality that was bound to the Internet.

So I continue my search for Mascapone Cheese. Thanks Menchu and thank you ZENER.


  1. More Cheese?
    More introspection?
    More Zener?
    More Video?
    or just More !
    Reminds me of Dickens !


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