Sunday, June 7

Dif Juz - Love Insane

A beautiful blast from the past, DifJUZ with Liz Frazer (Cocteau Twins ) on vocals. Back then in 1985 4AD were a small Independent record company assisting some new acts to get their music out in to the big wide world. Those acts such as Cocteau Twins, Wolfgang Press and Dif JUZ shaped new genre in the post punk-new wave era.


  1. sometimes I defer putting music to picture as one ot the other may affect the original intent of one or the other.
    For example, even though I was trying to listen to the music here, I found myself wondering why fish would swim along in a huge string at the floor of the ocean.
    Not that it's important. But I'm sure I missed a couple of neat arpeggios and now have to listen to the whole thing again.

    Still....why do fish swim along in huge strings on the ocean floor?

  2. Always a source for conjecture and thought. I am very glad, that whatever images were chosen, that this music has resurfaced (appropriate term) from obscurity. The video was made for and posted on YouTube by a fan of the music. So the use of stock material restricted choice.

    If it made you listen again, not such a bad thing, proving that it was actually a good choice ?

    As for aquatic behaviour - probably better to check Jacques Cousteau's Blog ... n'est pas?


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