Tuesday, November 17

Thoughts for 2010

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Some thoughts for 2010

I would like to see if I can put more of a journalistic angle on things, up the ante - I guess. There are so many things I see, that are catching my attention, that it is hard to focus sometimes. And that is the real challenge for me, a concerted effort.

I would like to restyle things I guess
- sex up my dossier -
yeah !

So those are things to work for 2010. There is a chance that I will try and root content here in other ways . . . I am still looking at the best methods. The blog is connected in at other places - headline animators on Myspace but I do not get many readers and very few comments - so I have to be rational and see where my time is best spent.

The blog is a great way to update stuff but - if you are on a social network - nothing beats personal mail. They will say I am mad but my experience has taught me you have to deal one-to-one with people. Newsletters have always been ridiculed and thrown in the bin - you always find a few people read it. Most people see it as lazy - efficient but lazy. Parents particularly hate them. And seeing the amount of School spam that is created, I understand. So in the end the Blog has to serve a purpose or remain a personal thing - a Diary.

The problem is the time conflict - if you are sorting stuff out - you have not got time to waste on Diaries or Tweets ! If you have you, are definitely under-worked. I spend a few hours a day checking around - so it is hard to do that and keep a nice looking blog.

Anyway we will see if I can turn it around.

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