Friday, March 19

Wake Me Up ( When It's All Over )

Bran dropped this one a few days ago - during a quick studio visit to "Projects". We were quite surprised by the departure from his recent works ( we have heard the desk-mixes of MAD/Metaphoria Collections due for release later this year.) and return to a much ealier output.

Bran: Yeah I guess I have been getting back to my roots - where it all started for me as a kid listening to John Peel way back was like something big for me. I was a really crap guitarist ( I mean really crap ) some of the bands had that sort of rough edge that I could relate to - it was inspiring to hear energy and anarchy unleashed, over-coming any technical ability. Early on I liked: The Fall, Wire and Gang of Four. I went through a Gothy sort of phase loving The Cure and Souxie and the Banshees. I kept away from mainstream music, most of the time - there are always good somgs out there but Radio seemed to play the same things all the time all day long - which put me off. So yes the past has been there - returning to the crap I guess.

"Wake Me Up" is a genuine ad lib - which started out as a "Drum n Bass" idea - which may happen as well - I just smacked some guitar over the top - the lyrics were just worked out by doing several takes - it took two hours to record in total - some video was shot while I did that. It expresses quite a few frustrations that are present - so it is heart said - it is a critical look at how we are abusing the technology and resources that we have - how complacency and selective attention have become the norm - to the point where " sleeping through seems preferable to living through " - I am sure someone will find all sorts of possible meanings - but that's what I was trying to say. I don't see we can blame anyone person or group - so yes a mess - for which I can't see any easy solutions - I am just observing. Albeit angry and frustrated - but saying it does release it somehow.

Next One ? Who knows - I have got a few already up and running - hope to put them together under the working title "No Apollo . . . Geez". We will see.


  1. well, two things...
    1 I'm listenning.
    2 Don't perform at the Apollo

  2. Apart for a quick pencil poem most of this was ad libbed - some of the mispronounced vocals on the first take got incorporated on the second final one eg. accidently sang Wiki Mouse instead of Wake me up - well kind of had an interesting ring to it . . . the first take was really crap but interesting - slightly funny
    Yeah most people who get to hear this are likely to be switched on . . .

    Which Appollo ? Indiana ? Highly !


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