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Dot Music Domain Debate Is About Control, Not Opposition |

.Music Domain Debate Is About Control, Not Opposition |

This is an interesting thing going on at the moment, a new TLD [Top Level Domain] "dot" Music is being debated as it comes up for registration. The representatives of the "music industry" are wanting a hand in controlling who is allowed to register a name. 

One of the provisions being sought is preventing:
anyone offering unlicensed music for free to gain a .music stamp.
Which in the case of illegal downloading of Copyright material is understandable - but does this provision then also apply to Independent Artists allowing free access to their own music?

I think that is a reasonable question - What do you think? 


  1. of course, after I feature you and your work...THEN you go and activate Blogmagog to resemble up-to-date accuracy.
    None the less...I did like the song, and have been exploring the last magix program I got...

  2. Uh? Sorry a little bee in my hat on this one - Bring back Eight track cartridges !

    Seriously (& don't call me Shirley) . . . there must be a route round all this crap to a road called freedom - most likely will end up being the big off button - two fingers - a beer a smoke a guitar and a few mates !

    Sound Good ?

  3. it's a year and a month later.
    Is there nothing new under the sun?

    How about this?
    Twelve tones set to as many relatively comfortable tunes as possible, Warren Buffet comes along and buys the lot of them.

    He then OWNS music.
    Unless we want a puke fest of monotonal tunes.
    Don't get me wrong. I've heard monotonal music that worked well. Some very popular pieces are built ON the idea of a monotonal piece.
    I've even written a couple of my own.

    But, I think that the payoff would probably be with 1,4,5,7, and minor 6, minor 3, and flat 2.
    Probably cost in the neighborhood of $190-$270 million to buy the copyrights... and, like I said, THEY OWN MUSIC.
    Kind'a like we have to buy the Beatles' Apple songs from Michael Jackson's estate. Only now it will be Warren.
    Hey, Warren? Could I borrow the rocking little tune, #3,475 for the weekend?
    Why, SURE, boneman. That'll be a fee of blaah blah blahblah blaah.
    Jackson charged $109 for RAIN for a group to cut 1000 discs.
    Warren has a special deal on
    (all major chords. Nice piece. Boring, but listenable)
    All weekend for $50
    (dics charge at $5 a hundred.)

    The, THAT'S something to be able to copyright.
    But then, Warren bought all the good tunes, so...I guess I'll become a plumber like the old man. I can see the signs, now.
    Boneman and Dad.
    "Sewage sucked out to your satisfaction
    or double your sewage back ..."

    OK, so, maybe I think too much.


  4. Ha some insight there - I retune my stuff up half a smidgen .... so I play in C+ mainly and stick to just one chord. That way I am out on a limb like an old pirate seadog (or is that a C-Dog?). A = 468 nice !

    In the grand mill of things, just a hill of beans.


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