Sunday, December 28

Strange Mood

Menchulica from Spain (Grande Canaria) asked me recently if it would be okay to use one of our sound tracks for a video. The result came back today and I was for once speechless. The video echoes the chilling sparce arrangement of the music but launches the viewer into another dimension of organic symbology and a true visual experience. Great Video Art. Thanks Menchu . . . Bran:)

Tuesday, December 23


Koradubian sent this one to our Channel. A very punky sound track and a colourful expose of the Comedy-Opression link. Each new submission gets better than the last. Well done to the boys from Wembley ! Bran

Monday, December 22

2008 People - AVDJ with JessBottles

2008 People is a neat animated video collaboration. Music by Jess Bottles set to a video-game inspired narrative. It exemplifies what has been coming together through YouTube over the last year - People working Together. Great work AVDJ and JESS. All the best for 2009

Matt Stevens - Guitar Looping

Here Matt Stevens displays one of his tracks "Burning Bandstands" (@Spratton Folk Festival) from his excellent Album Echo. Combining live echo loops with overlaid live playing opens up a whole new world for Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Please check out MattStevensGuitar.Com to hear more.

Sunday, December 21

Tamara Rossi Singing "Flavour"

Tamara sings an original, check in and see why I have picked this for the blog - Fantastic ! Bran

Saturday, December 20

Here'n'Now from TheCaptainShow

The Captain Show sent me this one to look in on and what a corker to end the year with. A great track and a video showing all the Hallmarks of the Captain, madness or genius? You tell me. Check it out if you dare!

Saturday, December 13

Indie Shock as Pinnacle Collapses

The UK's largest Independent Music distribution company
Pinnacle Entertainments last week filed for bankruptcy.
Coming during the Christmas shopping period the timing could not be worse, for small independent music stores who are now finding it difficult to obtain the specialist independent releases. Since BPI figures show that there was a 27% quaterly decline in CD sales and 1/5 of 2007 sales were made in the December period, it may be the death knell for many hard-pushed retailers and small specialist labels.

A.I.M. the UK Association of Independent Music, have quickly responded and made legal presentation to limit the damage to the Labels. But Pinnacle represented a large long-term and important player in the UK Supply Chain. So there will undoubtedly be other casualties in the near future.

The major labels have managed over the years to eat into the Independent market by use of re-branding bands under the 'INDIE' genre. I raised this whole issue on the website article 'Independent v Indie'. The Internet has itself changed the nature of the music availability, through piracy and the 'myspace' and 'mp3 download' cultures. The Music Industry like many others was slow to realize and respond to the full impact that on-line music would have on CD and vinyl sales. It has yet to fully engage with it's potential audience. It may be that the industry must look to re-access and re-model and it's whole approach to how music is made and distributed.

So although this news might present a bleak short-term picture,
maybe it will be
the marching call
to re-invigorate and re-invent
To strongly denote what is independent and to delineate it from what is mass-produced in it's wake. Although the Independent market share is small in comparison to the Larger Multi-National Corporate 'lions-share', it is the life-blood of choice and an important part of our cultural output.

Link to Newspaper Articles:

Independent.Co.UK Music Feature A rough trade gets rougher

IrishTimes article


Tuesday, December 9

Sometimes it's hard to be a Blogger

To Subscribers and Readers

Well I want to say a big hello to the few subscribers and the few people who take the time to read these streams of information. If just one person reads it, I would carry on.

So you are appreciated.

I know the majority of the stuff has been about getting the site up and running. So it has not been that breath-taking. But things will begin to change in 2009. We will begin to provide small snippets about things we like and new people coming onto the site.

No 'Bullshit' and Good Taste

When I started writing "Blogmagog" the site was not anything to write home about. So there was quite a bit of 'padding' and things we were trying to do. Since then we have started the big move forward and a few more people have begun to take notice. So we can cut out the bullshit and walk our talk. The main thing we have I believe in abundance is good taste.

We are not heavily laden with unreadable CSS pages. We want our stories and articles to be read and enjoyed. We want people to see our Independent Musicians and follow the links to their sites and enjoy the content we post. We are not looking to create some big mailing database to sell products.


If you read this and would like to write articles about good independent music or videos, Or you run a similar blog and would like to link it here, Leave me a comment. I am looking to involve more people in the site and the blog during 2009.

So thanks for reading . . . . .

Sunday, November 30

Slow Continuous growth

Just a little update
thank you to all supporting this venture.

We are about to update the site and include more people and further links to other sites. We will inform you prior to going off-line maybe for a day or two. But we will return and hope more people will join us. We do not expect or in fact desire massive jumps in visitors or Members. We are quite content to see things develop steadily knowing that we are able to gradually make changes. And include at each step the latest available ideas from you and from the Web.

- although we are not preoccupied with the statistics we have crossed the 100,000 hits during November. And the graph is going up steeply. So we are quite happy that our idea is beginning to take off.

I would also like to thank the following organizations for the Open Source software and other services we have used under license. If we receive any donations we will pass on any profit to support you and will be including links on the site with a . . .

Big Thank You !

Apache Foundation MAMP RedEvolution Daniel Ecer Juicy Media Ltd Christopher Lukes Jisse Reitsma MoxiecodeSystems AB

also we have to thank :-
Google YouTube Microsoft Apple Yahoo Ask InternetSeer SiteProNews Blogger Feedburner

Many people use the Intenet and forget that it is a massive collaborative effort to enable it all to work and function with the increase in media and traffic. In the season of "goodwill" and "thanksgiving" . . . we are just passing it on.

Have a Good Week everyone

Friday, November 14

Music in The Brave New World

A key part of the 'magic' of music is the interaction and sharing of sounds and ideas. Although Music continues to be played to live audiences - thank heavens, many see the Internet as a either the replacement or the evil enemy of future musical development.

As far as "live" audiences go,
there are also audiences connected through Radio, Television and here on the Internet.
I think there is enormous future potential for Independent Live Stream Music Performance - Live Music Feeds. But it may be some time before this service is widely available at the more Independent Level ( many bridges to cross ). In the meantime video still provides a great way to show your potential audience what yo do "live" so it is still possible to use video as a means of getting people to your gigs and to pursuade event managers to put you on in the first place.

New collaborations
are now easier to engage with. Many Community and Networking Sites, are there to connect artists and musicians. In addition EJamming has recently been having successful tests with new on-line music services connecting global musicians. So it may be that future musical development turns on-line, and it maybe that this will be a massive market for the future.

Many see the Internet as another nail-in-the-coffin of live music,
Just as it was predicted that Radio, Film and Television would be the same thing.
The fact that ticket sales last year grossed more revenue than recorded material , is proof that the opposite is true. And there are still small venues and pubs, putting on live events as well as the large record breaking Stadium events.

To put it in a nutshell,
I believe that Music thrives on change, collaboration and positive forward thinking.
Which is one of the virtues that Music inferes upon those closely associated with this sensory Art. The Musician is always thinking at least one bar ahead of the audience. So if you think the Internet is a bad thing for Music please think again.

It is the biggest leap forward in Human Communications Technology,
since the advent of the telephone and the moving film image.
  • Explore and seize the opportunities out there.
  • The Internet is here to stay.
  • If you thought not, Get over it.

Saturday, November 8

Hooray 209 Radio Success

209RADIO Appeal Success

We ran an earlier appeal blog (aug08) on behalf of 209Radio. As an update we are pleased to tell you all is well. A new sponsor ( has been found and the site can continue to provide it's valuable service. Which is fantastic news for local musicians and the station community. Based in Cambridge, UK. 209Radio broadcasts live on 105fm (within the local area) and on the Internet. It is run by volunteers, provides an important resource for the Local Community and Action Help Groups.

It is also a valuable resource for local Musicians and Music Producers in the area. Enabling local artistes the opportunity of airtime and acoustic sets. It also provides technician and radio learning courses for young people wanting to pursue a career in Music or Radio.

Seeking also Designs for the 209Radio appeal from digital artists.

Links on the 209Radio Logo.

209 Radio produces high-quality radio programming across a broad spectrum of Music, whilst providing a unique platform for Independent Artists. GIVE it a Listen !

URL stream to listen to 209 Radio (cut and paste into iTunes or ipod) Listen in to 209 on your iTunes

logo ©2008 209radio
209radio is not affilated to the blog or site

Wednesday, October 29


The site is finally up with the NEW SITE BUILD . Which is no mean feat considering it is all being done for non-profit by volunteers. We will be adding more material now it is up and running. Please call in and test drive it - check out the cool new map and the events list.

We have disengaged the REGISTRATION facility while we are doing more on-line tests.

There are some new tracks by "BOTTLES of MARY", "RETOX" and "THE EARLYBIRDS" on the JUKEBOX - please give it a whirl - tell us what you think.

If you run a MUSIC website dedicated to original INDEPENDENT music please contact us so we can let our visitors reach you too. Come on you know it makes sense.

Sunday, October 26

Final Testing

Why the Delay?
Firstly the months delay from September must be mentioned. The new build was put up in August to allow participants to view, comment and make suggestions on the new build. Unfortunately this provided hackers with the opportunity of getting in through a loophole and vandalizing the new site. So the build was removed and the security issues addressed.

During this second phase a plethora of new ideas were worked on and this Blog has become one of the key parts of the overall strategy. This Blog is linked throught the new build as Site News which is what it will become. We will then only need to put news on the blog here for it to update on the site, self-archive and allow RSS feeds to interested visitors.

We have also introduced a Podcast Feed for the site which will allow an audio & visual outlet for the site. The first tester is already out there just one track at the PODCAST SUBSRIPTION :

Renewed support for Independent Music
A slight change has been our steer directly towards the music as opposed to also attempting multimedia. We believe that the Independent Musician deserves all the support possible through these more 'interesting times' . I have been talking to many musicians from around the globe and the general consensus is there is no money in directly selling music. We are looking at ways of improving this situation with others.

Content Management System
Most of the new build is complete using a Content Management System, which allows rapid changes, without the need to re-write code for individual pages. Also the possibility of allowing you to create and change your own pages. So we will see. We have been testing the security and navigation. We are sticking to a simplified Template system, which we hope will receive your approval.
. . . by the way

Happy Samhain and Happy Halloween

We are hoping to have the site on for Halloween . . . . oooooow . . . . spooky !

JukeBox on Projects

Currently under development is a new Jukebox Player which we are hoping will be integrated as a Flash Console that we could perhaps put together as a widget. How this pans out we have no idea.

The JukeBox area will be a part of the SHOWCASE area for Independent Music to provide some examples. We hope to get more people in to have a look and even leave a vote.

Wednesday, October 15

Bran "forgiven"

Forgiven was written last Summer. Since then this simple tune has been left as a calling card on many sites. I don't consider it to be typical of my work at all. It is rather classical and yet has rock elements. Quite a few people have said it sounds like DireStraits guitarist Mark Knopfler, which is a compliment. However it was just a jam that I messed about with. Is it finished? ... Yes and no, perhaps. What is all the fuss about it is a tune and that's final . . . .click the little black play button on the mp3 player below.

Tuesday, October 14

The 100 Club on Projects

There are already thousands or even millions of music websites.
So why is another one needed?
I have asked myself that a hundred times.
It goes against the trend. Many music sites are closing down, due to copyright enforcement or lack of funding. Many see running an Indepedent site as a waste of time, when it is free to use many subdomain sites., although there is usually an advertising 'buy-in'.

What can our site do that others can't do?
Well if it can be done it is already being done !

Well how about aim to stay fairly small and compact, which keeps the costs down.
We are not aiming to be massive in terms of content or memberhip. In fact we aim to restrict membership to a maximum of 100 that we will call The Hundred Club. A hundred supporters which is my aim for 2009. So get in quickly because that is not a lot. And the door will close.

We can be a hub, a portal, with minimal site content,using feeds and embedded content. That way we stay lean and mean and can be updated rapidly. We know other sites already use this concept. We aim to be really selective on our feed material to provide Independent Site Feeds.

We will try to fund out of our own pockets for another year, so that we can provide a non-profit NO ADVERTISING, secure and relaxing site built to our supporters requirements.

Apart from that . . . it is all chance. We do not know what the future will bring.

Sunday, October 12

Koradubian Video

Entitled take One High the new Koradubian video is the result of long distance collaboration in the UK. Recorded using a mixture of old and new technology the track features George Lee on saxophone, guitar and keyboards by Bran, keyboards and drums by Jon Taylor. This video was uploaded on to the Koradubian You Tube Channel this week, pop in and rate !

Video and Sound by Koradubian. takeonehigh ©2002 2008koradubian

Thursday, October 9

Busy bees

New site Launch Oct 08

With our little new site launch coming up very shortly, we have had lots to do. With anything like this it is about identifying the right people. We are run voluntarily so it takes a while to get things sorted at the moment it is about learning how to get the best out of people and technology.

. . . something to be proud of . . .
Fortunately this is not a hard driven affair and our end aims are not sky high or financially based. We are hoping we can make something worthy of our efforts, somewhere people will be proud to be associated with. And we hope to find new ways of doing things. Providing an enjoyable place for our friends and visitors.

. . . a non-distracting environment . . .
We want to provide a top class experience not necessarily all 'buzzer and bells' - a non distracting environment, relaxing but focused. At the moment it is a very small domain, with a long name. If this experiment works we would like to look at opening another related but commercially viable site which would self finance on-line collaboration projects. By providing secure infrastructures to enable creative connections and exchange.

Right now we need two things and if you are reading this you can help.

  • First and most important we would like you to test drive the new site and give us your honest opinion. We won't mind criticism at all ( except no spam or profanety )

  • Secondly we are looking for small independent musicians, producers starting out, wanting to get out to a wider audience. We will provide a link connection to your other on-line networks. We also provide a Showcase area for new work, as it happens. We also produce visual material for our YouTube Channel. First video went on on September. We are trying to create a network of independent musicians and video producers.

Bearing in mind that we are trying to present clear ideas, to allow our 'people ' to shine out, we have avoided flashy css pimped-up looks. Sometimes they can be stunning, but all too often you become distracted by way too many images. So we aim to be clean lined and straight forward.

We hope to avoid the use of direct advertising on the site, however we will provide reviews with links and related feed links.

We will use tags to help for searching content.
and here is retox with balloons produced by Menchulica for YouTube

Yeah you got it !

Wednesday, October 8

Little Gems I keep finding

When I started this whole idea of a Music Website, I was convinced that there is great music out there and that it is worthy of a larger audience. Even if a few dozen people get to see a few of these things, it would be a success. Well as part of the plan the YouTube Account is getting a little attention and I would really like to share some of these special moments with you, right here, right now.

This first selection is by Voodoou22, this little gem is called . . . Kisses moi non plus . . .

Anyway , I am now developing a special playlist for original music that I think stands out and I really want you to see. So tune in to the Projects Channel on YOU TUBE and rate.

Wednesday, October 1

Another Art Community

Our Music and Multimedia Website is proud to be associated with Another Art Community - although only established very recently in late August by "the Humble Founder" Jess Bottles of US duo "Bottles of Mary" - the Community has already amassed a huge portfolio of contemporary video work as well as a wide range of art, writing and photography. I, Bran joined by invitation and have found the global membership to be very enlightened and friendly. It is probably the best site I have become involved with in my first year on-line. The content is of extremely high quality, featuring music and experimental art videos, from some of our favorite video artists on YouTube. If you get a few moments and want to find something interesting and different to watch check 0ut the ANOTHER ART COMMUNITY Web Site or the YOUTUBE-ANOTHERART COMMUNITY Channel !

Sunday, September 28

Bran Posts on Evening Standard London Lite

Unfortunately despite the demographics, the 40-60 (not so 'wrinklie' these days) age group does not seem to be greatly taken into account when it comes to the presentation of Music in much of the media. It seems that the majority of music programming is still aimed at a much younger listener or viewer.

As far as the music from the 60's and 70's, this large back catalogue has been made more available through the Internet and as your article mentions through Vinyl-CD re-issues. This has partly inspired the retro-scene which is definitely an under-current amongst the new younger bands coming up.

I personally believe that the Music Industry could take positive steps to generate this interest in music by opening up the back catalogue to the public. To retell the 'storyline' of modern popular music. To make available some of the more obscure names that never received the acclaim at the time of release.

Then instead of the very negative press, that does nothing for the Music Industry, we could see more informative articles and have perhaps increased access to Music that was missed the first time around.

I hope there are plans to look at this issue again and update Jonathon Prynn's excellent article.

As for myself, I am a 40+ Musician and currently developing an Independent Website for new Music talent in London and the South East.

Bran. Posted August 08 onThis is

Wednesday, September 24

Retox on You Tube

Retox from North London have been around since 1998. Coming on to the Site was a move towards an on-line presence. The next stage has been the Joint Production of a Video set to an excerpt of Balloons one of a number of tracks that have recently received the finishing touches. The video was the result of a collaboration between the site and Menchulica a talented Multimedia Artist based in The Canaries. See what you think. Please go to YOUTUBE and post your comment.

Tuesday, September 9

Independent Music & Multimedia Site

The site is on-line, but in the background we have been re-building. adding new content and getting more people interested in this long-term project. We are based in London and South Eastern Region of England UK.

The Site Aims:
  • To provide a user-friendly site compliant to web standards
  • To provide a primary platform and link station for new original content
  • To provide useful related information and feeds
  • To promote Independent Production
  • To connect to other related sites
  • To provide an Events Listing

We are seeking:

  • Independent artists, writers, producers
  • People interested in writing related articles
  • Links to original work
  • Music Software Reviews
  • Suggestions and Criticism
  • Music Magazines
  • South East UK Venues

We are non-profit, free to use.
Registration allows; comments, submission of articles and content.
Please note all Content must be posted by the copyright holder.
We do not give out any details of members, we do not keep sensitive data.

Try it and see the present site has been on since February 2008

Members Corner

Below are some of our Members - always interesting and worth a look.

Paddy Crunden

Press kits Quantcast

Music Player from our NETWORK

We will be resolving this for our Network in 2011. In the meantime here's a few tracks of mine . . .