Sunday, November 30

Slow Continuous growth

Just a little update
thank you to all supporting this venture.

We are about to update the site and include more people and further links to other sites. We will inform you prior to going off-line maybe for a day or two. But we will return and hope more people will join us. We do not expect or in fact desire massive jumps in visitors or Members. We are quite content to see things develop steadily knowing that we are able to gradually make changes. And include at each step the latest available ideas from you and from the Web.

- although we are not preoccupied with the statistics we have crossed the 100,000 hits during November. And the graph is going up steeply. So we are quite happy that our idea is beginning to take off.

I would also like to thank the following organizations for the Open Source software and other services we have used under license. If we receive any donations we will pass on any profit to support you and will be including links on the site with a . . .

Big Thank You !

Apache Foundation MAMP RedEvolution Daniel Ecer Juicy Media Ltd Christopher Lukes Jisse Reitsma MoxiecodeSystems AB

also we have to thank :-
Google YouTube Microsoft Apple Yahoo Ask InternetSeer SiteProNews Blogger Feedburner

Many people use the Intenet and forget that it is a massive collaborative effort to enable it all to work and function with the increase in media and traffic. In the season of "goodwill" and "thanksgiving" . . . we are just passing it on.

Have a Good Week everyone

Friday, November 14

Music in The Brave New World

A key part of the 'magic' of music is the interaction and sharing of sounds and ideas. Although Music continues to be played to live audiences - thank heavens, many see the Internet as a either the replacement or the evil enemy of future musical development.

As far as "live" audiences go,
there are also audiences connected through Radio, Television and here on the Internet.
I think there is enormous future potential for Independent Live Stream Music Performance - Live Music Feeds. But it may be some time before this service is widely available at the more Independent Level ( many bridges to cross ). In the meantime video still provides a great way to show your potential audience what yo do "live" so it is still possible to use video as a means of getting people to your gigs and to pursuade event managers to put you on in the first place.

New collaborations
are now easier to engage with. Many Community and Networking Sites, are there to connect artists and musicians. In addition EJamming has recently been having successful tests with new on-line music services connecting global musicians. So it may be that future musical development turns on-line, and it maybe that this will be a massive market for the future.

Many see the Internet as another nail-in-the-coffin of live music,
Just as it was predicted that Radio, Film and Television would be the same thing.
The fact that ticket sales last year grossed more revenue than recorded material , is proof that the opposite is true. And there are still small venues and pubs, putting on live events as well as the large record breaking Stadium events.

To put it in a nutshell,
I believe that Music thrives on change, collaboration and positive forward thinking.
Which is one of the virtues that Music inferes upon those closely associated with this sensory Art. The Musician is always thinking at least one bar ahead of the audience. So if you think the Internet is a bad thing for Music please think again.

It is the biggest leap forward in Human Communications Technology,
since the advent of the telephone and the moving film image.
  • Explore and seize the opportunities out there.
  • The Internet is here to stay.
  • If you thought not, Get over it.

Saturday, November 8

Hooray 209 Radio Success

209RADIO Appeal Success

We ran an earlier appeal blog (aug08) on behalf of 209Radio. As an update we are pleased to tell you all is well. A new sponsor ( has been found and the site can continue to provide it's valuable service. Which is fantastic news for local musicians and the station community. Based in Cambridge, UK. 209Radio broadcasts live on 105fm (within the local area) and on the Internet. It is run by volunteers, provides an important resource for the Local Community and Action Help Groups.

It is also a valuable resource for local Musicians and Music Producers in the area. Enabling local artistes the opportunity of airtime and acoustic sets. It also provides technician and radio learning courses for young people wanting to pursue a career in Music or Radio.

Seeking also Designs for the 209Radio appeal from digital artists.

Links on the 209Radio Logo.

209 Radio produces high-quality radio programming across a broad spectrum of Music, whilst providing a unique platform for Independent Artists. GIVE it a Listen !

URL stream to listen to 209 Radio (cut and paste into iTunes or ipod) Listen in to 209 on your iTunes

logo ©2008 209radio
209radio is not affilated to the blog or site

Members Corner

Below are some of our Members - always interesting and worth a look.

Paddy Crunden

Press kits Quantcast

Music Player from our NETWORK

We will be resolving this for our Network in 2011. In the meantime here's a few tracks of mine . . .