Sunday, December 28

Strange Mood

Menchulica from Spain (Grande Canaria) asked me recently if it would be okay to use one of our sound tracks for a video. The result came back today and I was for once speechless. The video echoes the chilling sparce arrangement of the music but launches the viewer into another dimension of organic symbology and a true visual experience. Great Video Art. Thanks Menchu . . . Bran:)

Tuesday, December 23


Koradubian sent this one to our Channel. A very punky sound track and a colourful expose of the Comedy-Opression link. Each new submission gets better than the last. Well done to the boys from Wembley ! Bran

Monday, December 22

2008 People - AVDJ with JessBottles

2008 People is a neat animated video collaboration. Music by Jess Bottles set to a video-game inspired narrative. It exemplifies what has been coming together through YouTube over the last year - People working Together. Great work AVDJ and JESS. All the best for 2009

Matt Stevens - Guitar Looping

Here Matt Stevens displays one of his tracks "Burning Bandstands" (@Spratton Folk Festival) from his excellent Album Echo. Combining live echo loops with overlaid live playing opens up a whole new world for Electro-Acoustic Guitar. Please check out MattStevensGuitar.Com to hear more.

Sunday, December 21

Tamara Rossi Singing "Flavour"

Tamara sings an original, check in and see why I have picked this for the blog - Fantastic ! Bran

Saturday, December 20

Here'n'Now from TheCaptainShow

The Captain Show sent me this one to look in on and what a corker to end the year with. A great track and a video showing all the Hallmarks of the Captain, madness or genius? You tell me. Check it out if you dare!

Saturday, December 13

Indie Shock as Pinnacle Collapses

The UK's largest Independent Music distribution company
Pinnacle Entertainments last week filed for bankruptcy.
Coming during the Christmas shopping period the timing could not be worse, for small independent music stores who are now finding it difficult to obtain the specialist independent releases. Since BPI figures show that there was a 27% quaterly decline in CD sales and 1/5 of 2007 sales were made in the December period, it may be the death knell for many hard-pushed retailers and small specialist labels.

A.I.M. the UK Association of Independent Music, have quickly responded and made legal presentation to limit the damage to the Labels. But Pinnacle represented a large long-term and important player in the UK Supply Chain. So there will undoubtedly be other casualties in the near future.

The major labels have managed over the years to eat into the Independent market by use of re-branding bands under the 'INDIE' genre. I raised this whole issue on the website article 'Independent v Indie'. The Internet has itself changed the nature of the music availability, through piracy and the 'myspace' and 'mp3 download' cultures. The Music Industry like many others was slow to realize and respond to the full impact that on-line music would have on CD and vinyl sales. It has yet to fully engage with it's potential audience. It may be that the industry must look to re-access and re-model and it's whole approach to how music is made and distributed.

So although this news might present a bleak short-term picture,
maybe it will be
the marching call
to re-invigorate and re-invent
To strongly denote what is independent and to delineate it from what is mass-produced in it's wake. Although the Independent market share is small in comparison to the Larger Multi-National Corporate 'lions-share', it is the life-blood of choice and an important part of our cultural output.

Link to Newspaper Articles:

Independent.Co.UK Music Feature A rough trade gets rougher

IrishTimes article


Tuesday, December 9

Sometimes it's hard to be a Blogger

To Subscribers and Readers

Well I want to say a big hello to the few subscribers and the few people who take the time to read these streams of information. If just one person reads it, I would carry on.

So you are appreciated.

I know the majority of the stuff has been about getting the site up and running. So it has not been that breath-taking. But things will begin to change in 2009. We will begin to provide small snippets about things we like and new people coming onto the site.

No 'Bullshit' and Good Taste

When I started writing "Blogmagog" the site was not anything to write home about. So there was quite a bit of 'padding' and things we were trying to do. Since then we have started the big move forward and a few more people have begun to take notice. So we can cut out the bullshit and walk our talk. The main thing we have I believe in abundance is good taste.

We are not heavily laden with unreadable CSS pages. We want our stories and articles to be read and enjoyed. We want people to see our Independent Musicians and follow the links to their sites and enjoy the content we post. We are not looking to create some big mailing database to sell products.


If you read this and would like to write articles about good independent music or videos, Or you run a similar blog and would like to link it here, Leave me a comment. I am looking to involve more people in the site and the blog during 2009.

So thanks for reading . . . . .

Members Corner

Below are some of our Members - always interesting and worth a look.

Paddy Crunden

Press kits Quantcast

Music Player from our NETWORK

We will be resolving this for our Network in 2011. In the meantime here's a few tracks of mine . . .