Tuesday, November 17

Thoughts for 2010

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Some thoughts for 2010

I would like to see if I can put more of a journalistic angle on things, up the ante - I guess. There are so many things I see, that are catching my attention, that it is hard to focus sometimes. And that is the real challenge for me, a concerted effort.

I would like to restyle things I guess
- sex up my dossier -
yeah !

So those are things to work for 2010. There is a chance that I will try and root content here in other ways . . . I am still looking at the best methods. The blog is connected in at other places - headline animators on Myspace but I do not get many readers and very few comments - so I have to be rational and see where my time is best spent.

The blog is a great way to update stuff but - if you are on a social network - nothing beats personal mail. They will say I am mad but my experience has taught me you have to deal one-to-one with people. Newsletters have always been ridiculed and thrown in the bin - you always find a few people read it. Most people see it as lazy - efficient but lazy. Parents particularly hate them. And seeing the amount of School spam that is created, I understand. So in the end the Blog has to serve a purpose or remain a personal thing - a Diary.

The problem is the time conflict - if you are sorting stuff out - you have not got time to waste on Diaries or Tweets ! If you have you, are definitely under-worked. I spend a few hours a day checking around - so it is hard to do that and keep a nice looking blog.

Anyway we will see if I can turn it around.

Saturday, October 31

Wanna be Here ?

So you are making music or multimedia . . . ?

Want another avenue to get your latest thing out there get noticed ?

Contact me here somehow . . . details at end.

Let me make a little write up - Twitter it or do whatever you want and it is out there.

"You can lead the horse to water ....... "


The rest is up to you.

Sunday, August 16

"You Rhyme With Me" Lynn Harrison

Canadian Singer-Songwriter Lynn Harrison performing one of her many wonderful home-spun compositions live.

I believe her talents deserve a wider audience. At the time of writing this - this video has been posted for three months and only 17 persons on the entire planet had had this pleasure. Please take the time and check out her channel youtube/lharrison77 and please feedback on this song.

Tuesday, July 21

Reflective labyrint

Ton Haring from the Netherlands - produced the music and video graphics for this. Watch - very watchable and enjoyable. We gave it Five Stars.

Sunday, June 14

bang the walls - original music by Dudean Walker

Not for the faint hearted a powerful audio visual explosion. A punching sound track with high velocity video montage. Please rate this one. Check out the Channel if you dare. dudeanwalker

Saturday, June 13

Rena by Ray Turner

Deep and Sweet - sub bass - check LondonPenda on YouTube - free MP3 download Link - Love it Ray !

Sunday, June 7

Dif Juz - Love Insane

A beautiful blast from the past, DifJUZ with Liz Frazer (Cocteau Twins ) on vocals. Back then in 1985 4AD were a small Independent record company assisting some new acts to get their music out in to the big wide world. Those acts such as Cocteau Twins, Wolfgang Press and Dif JUZ shaped new genre in the post punk-new wave era.

Wednesday, June 3

The Love Art Collective

It's on - so Tune in - join in the Fun for this Summer of Love 2009. It's begun the rest is up to YOU !

Saturday, May 30

Tailcast Collaborate - Prints

Very Proud to have Bran's Forgiven Track used as part of a TAILCAST Collaboration Project. TAILCAST is a wonderful community of ARTISTS, WRITERS and VIDEOMAKERS, networking and sharing ideas. This was posted in Sept 2008 - but still looks good to me.

Friday, May 29

I´m a Fish looking for Mascarpone Cheese

Although Menchu calls this an unfinished work, it fits my mood exactly. We are small-fish in an Ocean of big fish. Moreover the predictions are the continuance of the big fishes swallowing more of the other fishes. I need not name any of the recent take-overs. But there are ramifications for the smaller fish.

Spelling it out, the fewer the big fish, the more of a monoculture will exist on the net. We have already seen the effects. The disregard for the smaller players particularly the individual. The sudden upgrades and hence denial to any who can not afford the latest system - where once w3ORG rules of accessibility were carefully adhered to. Now corporate interests come first and we are forced in some cases to bend.

There is also the danger that the two tier bandwidthing of sites or users will slow down sites who are not under the big banner. So that it will totally favour the mainstream. Which goes against the original ethos of equality that was bound to the Internet.

So I continue my search for Mascapone Cheese. Thanks Menchu and thank you ZENER.

Sunday, May 24

Maneli Jamal - Lucid Drawl - Guitar Idol Final Heat

A truly talented guitarist (acoustic) combining Eastern and Western musical styles - Maneli Jamal - I am positive you will enjoy this wonderful opus.

Friday, March 6

Fix This Right Now - The HappyLife Theatre

Despite apologies for "destroying" the audio quality on the video. . . "Fix this Right Now" comes across as a really banging track. Reminds me of the best days of "Talking Heads" so it gets my thumbs up. Check out The HappyLife Theatre on YouTube and the creators website JustinWaterman. Play it and see!

Friday, February 13

Happy Valentines Day

Please share this video with others . Happy Valentines Day . . . .
Why say it with a card when you can say it with Music Images and Poetry?

Monday, February 9

Dif-Juz. The Last Song 1985

As far a Independent music goes, Dif Juz shown here live (filmed by Simon Raymond/Remastered Paul woods 2008) are a great example of why small record companies are essential. Although later dropped from the 4AD stable, this small band from West London were able to explore new sounds - and collaborate with artists like Liz Fraser of the Cocteau Twins. Although they never made the "big-time" they were able to leave behind a small collection of Albums and singles and provide an influence for many later musicians, in what is now termed "Shoegazer".

Saturday, February 7

Thank You !

It is always easy to follow the herd to where the numbers are. It is a brave person who seeks out the unexplored and will help others to acheive a joint goal. That is why I know I have already found true friends who see something in what I have started. And I hope it inspires others to work together to change things.

This is about Music but it is also about more than that. It is through networks like this that the world will change. Even if the Internet suddenly ceased, it has already made a new vision for us. We can sense now a true global humanity, sense the common values which we all share despite belief or geographical distance. Despite language and politics we find the similarities and bonds.

My personal goal is to create with your help a way of using people's talents in an interesting, mutually benefical way. Some of our projects may be just two people sharing some ideas say music and visuals. Others may be more long term and involve the whole network. I would also like to reach out to the other Ning Networks and see if our creative ideas could be of use to other Communities. So many things ahead.

So a big thank you to you. More invites going out soon.

Really want to thank all the Members on our New Network. We opened on 1st January ( a slight hang-over ) and quickly we have collected together great music, a great selection of videos and some really nice photos. But more importantly a bunch of really nice people. Greatly Appreciate all your input - I know you are all busy !

Saturday, January 17

Pino Forastiere "Wild Parking"

A plethora of guitar techniques - a great virtuosa let loose from CD "Rag Tap Boom" available from Amazon.Com (Candyrat.com) and upcoming DVD release for February. Check this out. Bran:)

Wednesday, January 14

Friend our MySpace

We have now joined MYSPACE

So why are we telling you now? Well if you read this and would like to help out - we need friends 'just like everybody else does' . We are hoping to build a small prescence on the social networking site as another way to let people know what we are up to.

So if you are already signed up on MySpace and can spare the few seconds to push the Friend Request button, Please do! We will not send spam or adverts. We will make positive comments and links to your space if you request us to.
So it is up to you.

Events about to unravel in the world will undoubtedly prove that we are right to call for us all to stick together and work in a unified way. If you are thinking you will be okay working on your own without sharing or co-operating - you are very much part of Yesterdays' News.

Go right now to MYSPACE.COM/PROJECTSWEBHOPORG and make a friend.
A massive thank you to all the people who have friended us over the past few weeks.

Joani Taylor - "take5med"

Joani fires up a different feel with this version of the Dave Brubeck TakeFive. Excellent Film Direction. So enjoy - I will say no more. Except to leave a link to get you closer to Joani . . . click here.

And finally a little MicroPlayer from Joani's Reverbnation .....


Tuesday, January 13

Pack Of Wolvz "HOW WILL I KNOW?"

An independent band currently managed and published by level 13 experience based in the Philippines

Pack of Wolvz

are on their way - All the best for 2009. Check out this video - "How will I know?" a well structured emotional song with beautiful clear vocals. Video Dir: Genghis Jimenez. Check out the Official Site and other videos on YouTube.

ARiEL "Off the Wall"

A beautiful self-penned song by Canada's charismatic song bird Ariel. Don't take my word, take a moment to watch and listen to something that will brighten your day. Bran:)

Sunday, January 11

Zoe Tiganouria "libertango"

Zoe Tiganouria gives the Accordian va-va-voom, melding virtuosity and sexuality into an intoxicating performance. I am sure that she will inspire many young musicians to take up the accordian and countless others to learn the tango.
This video definitely takes the humble "Squeeze Box" to a new dimension. Bran:)

Friday, January 9

Silent and Proud by Guilia Millanta

A really powerful video which requires attention to the final frame. The song by Guilia crosses genre. Give it a listen and watch the video. Bran:)

Guilia Millanta

Thursday, January 8

eJamming On-Line Music

eJamming with Smashmouth @ Intel CES 2008!

A demonstration of the new on-line e-Jamming service. Able to connect musicians in real time jamming and recording sessions. Currently being tested at Alpha Version and nearing it's final release. This adds another way to create music. Over-coming the timing difficulties it allows people from anywhere in the world to record live music. The recordings are in CD quality and have resulted in a number of Album releases. MTV recently signed a license with eJAMMING, so it is going to be a big thing in the near future.

As Bran is one of the Alpha testers for the latest eJamming Version, we know that it works and adds a plethora of possibilities for collaboration and musical connections. So Musicians head over to eJAMMING.COM and find out more.

Logo ©2008ejammingaudio by permission

Monday, January 5

The Two - JESS BOTTLES (4:20)

The sountrack "Laborious Storious" features disorientating beats and echoed sounds with complex layered sound-bytes. The accompanying video "The Two"has many elements poetry, movement, light and dark. Nightmarish but very watchable. Check out the JESS Bottles Channel on YouTube.

The Word Out

First years almost up . . .

And I have had a little time to reflect. . . .
. . . . so what was the first year like of running a website?

First observation is it isn't easy, you need a lot of contacts and expertise to do anything top-end. We are starting at the bottom end: "building and learning". I realized there was a lot to take on board and the goal-posts move all the time.

The good side has been getting in contact with so many great people. I never thought I would enjoy that side of things. But people are great out there. For me it has been a really positive thing. Sometimes I have made mistakes, but people are usually pretty cool about it.

Acheivements, we have managed to stay on-line 24-7 for the year (apart from current rebuild). Our visitor numbers have risen slowly, We have now started to attract new participants to our Networking Site.
We have had good response to our recent youtube and myspace Launches. So all in all a Good Year 2008.

2009 ?

We will get the main site back up and just carry on. I am looking forward to contacting, new people. There are so many talented musicians and creative people out there doing exciting , it really is a most inspiring arena.

For all the subscribers, readers, have a Great 2009, keep watching. If you want me to look at your work . . . seek us out at Myspace or YouTube. Alright there's an invitation !


Sunday, January 4

Chant '09 by raYTurner

Something completely different to start 2009. Chanting 09 features wonderful organic computer graphics to an original music track by RayT.

Members Corner

Below are some of our Members - always interesting and worth a look.

Paddy Crunden

Press kits Quantcast

Music Player from our NETWORK

We will be resolving this for our Network in 2011. In the meantime here's a few tracks of mine . . .