Friday, January 22

HAPPY ft Sherry Lee with "LikeQuicksand"

This is something else - posted on YouTube 10th January by Sherry Lee of Canadian Band "Happy" - Like Quicksand a really cute song with a hidden bite - backed by a Dave Luxton (Dlux Films) Video which uses every neat wide-screen cinema trick in the book to make this a top dollar production - that's only my opinion - watch it and see - just press play. Support Happy and buy their excellent Happy EP fron CDBaby Listen to the other tracks - Link below

Dave Luxton

Wednesday, January 13

Promo Video

"Congrats Gary, your video has received the CMB Award for Achievement in Performance, and is in the running for 2010 Official CMB Video Awards"

Country Music Broadcasting Dec 2009

Encouraging words for UK singer-songwriter Gary Tipping - whose ballads and acoustic love songs have been receiving much praise from many quarters. Favourably compared to the likes of Paul Simon and John Lennon in their composition - it is the often gentle emotional delivery which is both honest and refreshing. He has proved that dedication and commitment to traditional craftsmanship does eventually reap rewards. Good Luck Gary - Looks like 2010 is going to be a good one for you.

Members Corner

Below are some of our Members - always interesting and worth a look.

Paddy Crunden

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We will be resolving this for our Network in 2011. In the meantime here's a few tracks of mine . . .